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Break Free: How to achieve time and money freedom

Is it possible to achieve time and money freedom? Can the lessons to become rich and wealthy be taught? Why we didn’t get any financial education in school? What do rich parents teach their kids that the poor don’t? And Finally, why rich people are rich and poor people are poor?

Find out about the ways on how to replace salary with passive income and generate predictable monthly cash flow. Wealth strategies have existed for generations upon generations but unless it was passed down I your family, you’re probably struggling with creating predictable Cash Flow.

Its time to “Break Free” from the financial shackles that have held you back from living the life you deserve. The only way to do it is to obtain proper financial education and learn what the wealthy have learnt about gaining “financial independence” through real estate investing and creating passive residual income.

Our experts

  • Gary Caspersz
  • Manny Bains
  • Voytek Mardula
  • Pamela Foy Mardula
  • Alvin Curling
  • David Annoh

Directors: Manny Bains, Serge Velbovets, & Gary Caspersz

Producer: Velbix Media

F.E.A.R: Face Everything & Rise

What is your dream?

Sometimes we have to sacrifice things that we truly love to achieve something bigger. But sometimes, we have to choose between our dreams and our hearts.

“Cultural expectations” and “values” can often clash with our innermost desires. Many women today feel caught between what has been conditioned into them by their family, culture or society and their own dreams and aspirations.

Many are consumed by what has been put upon them instead of fighting for what they believe is their freedom and the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and the world around them.

Watch as you get an in-depth look at the “trials and tribulations of Annie Koshy” and how she overcame her challenges to become the powerful businesswoman and media tycoon she is today. This is one of many immigrant stories yet this is the only one that sheds light on an issue that millions of people both men and women face every single day. Her story is inspiring, elicits a wide range of emotions, and is a heart-filled tale of the courage it takes to succeed!


  • Annie Koshy
  • Rav Bains
  • Satish Verma

Directors: Manny Bains & Serge Velbovets

Producers: The Rising Star Movie Experience in collaboration with Velbix Media  

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